Is Dentistry Safe during Pregnancy?

Between trips to the doctor, setting up a nursery and carrying a baby inside of you, don’t forget to visit the dentist! Dental care is very important during pregnancy for expectant mothers. Gum problems have been linked to premature births.

Keeping your mouth healthy during pregnancy is as important for the expectant mother as not smoking and not drinking. Poor oral health can lead to a number of pregnancy problems. Oral infections can lead to preeclampsia, preterm birth and low birth weights.

With increased levels of estrogen and progesterone, some pregnant women end up with gingivitis, which can quickly progress into periodontitis (infected gums).

We recommend 2 visits or more during pregnancy. There is generally less danger in treating an emergency dental situation than not treating it at all. Make sure you tell your dentist that you’re pregnant. Let them know how far along you are, and inform them of any health problems.

Pregnancy gingivitis:

Increased risk of tooth decay: this could be caused by a number of reasons –

  • Maybe you’re eating more carbs than normal
  • Morning sickness increases the acidity in the mouth.

Local Anaesthetic during pregnancy:

Study conducted showed local anaesthetic treatments to be safe.There were no differences in the rate of miscarriages, birth defects, prematurity or weight of the baby.


Medications that are dangerous to your growing baby are well known and strictly avoided with pregnant patients

Dental X-rays

Although dental X-ray radiation is extremely low, typically we avoid dental x-rays during pregnancy. If you need an x-ray, your hygienist will cover you with a leaded apron to minimize exposure to the abdomen, and a leaded collar to protect the thyroid.

Pregnancy can make some conditions worse – or even create new ones. Regular checkups and good dental health habits can keep you and your baby healthy.

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