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Whiter smile, better bite

Background: deep staining, cross-bite

Our patient had deep, irreversible staining caused by the antibiotic tetracycline. He also had a cross-bite (an unmatched bite) which was causing chipping and wear problems.

Treatment: veneers, crowns, improved bite

Our specialist crown dentist in Burlington brightened his teeth with porcelain veneers and crowns, which enhanced the look of his smile and improved his bite.

Result: his desired smile

Our patient in very pleased to have discovered such an aesthetically pleasing and functional option. He loves his brilliant new smile.

Happy to smile again

Background: eroded teeth, extreme sensitivity, dental phobia

Our patient has an illness which has caused her stomach acid to dramatically erode her teeth, leaving them extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods. She had nerve damage to two of her teeth and was generally so unhappy with how her mouth looked that she routinely smiled with her lips closed, or hid her smile behind her hand. She also had an extreme dental phobia; avoiding the dentist had allowed her problem to get to a very advanced stage.

Treatment: root canals, crowns, bridge

Using IV sedation (sleep dentistry), we were able to complete almost all of the work in a single appointment. We performed two root canals on the teeth with nerve damage, placed 18 crowns and one bridge. Temporary crowns gave her aesthetics and function immediately; we replaced those with permanent porcelain crowns a few weeks later.

Result: her desired smile

The difference in her smile is dramatic. Her mouth is now fully restored and she can smile, eat and talk without being embarrassed. It has made a tremendous impact on her life; she is so happy to be able to smile again.

From mediocre to marvellous

Background: silver fillings, crooked, unevenly spaced teeth

Our patient came to us with several requests: remove her amalgams (silver fillings), and make her teeth straighter, whiter, brighter, and natural-looking.

Treatment: veneers, crowns, gum recontouring

We started by recontouring her gums to make her teeth appear longer, removed her amalgams, and placed 12 porcelain veneers and three crowns to accommodate her bite and her lip and cheek structures.

Result: her desired smile

Our patient got the smile she wanted. She no longer has to worry about people seeing all her silver fillings when she opens her mouth; now her smile looks clean, bright and naturally beautiful.

Additional Cases

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