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Beautiful teeth at any age

Background: a lifetime of wanting straight teeth

Our patient had always wished she had straighter teeth. When she was younger, she didn’t have the opportunity to have them straightened, but as an adult, she finally had the resources to get the smile she wanted.

Treatment: braces

We placed upper and lower braces, and over a two-year period, slowly straightened her rotated and crowded teeth. It allowed us to address crowding without having to do any extractions.

Result: her desired smile

Now our patient has an ideal bite relationship and straight teeth that look great. She is proof that it’s never too late for braces; now she finally has the smile she’s dreamed of her whole life!

Growing up with a great smile

Background: crowded mouth, narrow jaw

Our young patient had an extremely overcrowded mouth, a narrow jaw, and a bite that wasn’t ideal.

Treatment: expanding appliances, jaw advancing retainer, braces

We used expanding appliances and jaw advancing retainers for one year to get her jaw into the right position. Then we used braces to move the teeth and create an ideal bite.

Result: her desired smile

Her lips are well supported, and the narrowness of her face has been eliminated. Our patient can now grow up with a full, beautiful smile.

Additional Cases

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