Our Team

Count on us to take care of you

There’s a whole team of dedicated professionals on hand to take care of you and help ensure that every visit is a good experience.


  • Bobbie our client facilitator, welcomes our new clients and helps our clients better understand their benefits
  • Joan our receptionist, sends you courtesy email and text reminders for your next appointment
  • Donna our office manager, oversees the office and ensures good client service
  • Beth runs our children’s program and shows your kids how to take care of their teeth
  • Jen and Lynn, our dental assistants make sure you’re comfortable during your dental treatment
  • Teresa, Nicole, Linda and Janice, our dental hygienists, ensure all of your periodontal needs are met
  • Dr. Heidary, Dr. Ghoreshi, and Dr. Dhaliwal deliver quality care with empathy and skill.

We’re all here to help you achieve your dream smile.