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Expert bonding builds a beautiful smile

Background: short teeth, uneven spacing

Our patient had short teeth, with uneven shapes, spacing and gum heights. She came to us looking for a solution that would improve the overall look of her teeth.

Treatment: bonding, gum recontouring

We started by recontouring her upper gums to create a more consistent height, and to make her teeth appear longer, then proceeded with composite bonding to give them a more appealing shape and a whiter, brighter look. We also whitened her lower teeth to match.

Result: her desired smile

Our patient loves her new look. All of her expectations were met, and now she has a straight smile that looks bright and beautiful.

No more “gummy smile”

Background: too much gum tissue

Our client didn’t like her smile, and felt that it was “gummy” and unattractive, and had too much space between her teeth.

Treatment: bonding, gum recontouring

We addressed all of her concerns in a single appointment. Starting with gum laser contouring, we used her lip position as a guide, and made her gums less prominent and her teeth longer. After that, we used cosmetic bonding to make the spaces between her teeth smaller.

Result: her desired smile

The difference in her smile is striking. Now, when she smiles, the amount of gum tissue that shows is much more compatible with her lips and teeth. Her teeth look neater and closer together, and the overall effect is lovely.

Additional Cases

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