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From Dark to Dazzling

Background: discoloured bonding

Our patient had some cosmetic bonding done to her front teeth in the past, and was unhappy with how it looked. The colour was dark and flat, and she came to us asking for a cleaner-looking, brighter smile.

Treatment: veneers, whitening, gum recontouring

In addition to the unappealing bonding, her teeth were also of uneven height. To help create a neater, more uniform appearance, we performed gum recontouring, placed ten porcelain veneers, and whitened her lower teeth to match.

Result: her desired smile

Our patient couldn’t be more pleased with the brilliance of her revamped smile. She appreciates the fact that the veneers are designed to last a long time, and that she doesn’t have to worry about changes in the colour or texture, which occurred with her previous bonding work.

Runway-Ready Gums

Background: short teeth, gummy smile

Our patient was working as a fashion model, and felt that her teeth were too short and that her gums showed too much when she smiled. She came to us with the goal of making her smile more attractive.

Treatment: veneers, gum recontouring

We performed laser recontouring on her gums, which helped expose the upper parts of the teeth that had been hidden by excess gum tissue. We then placed porcelain veneers to change the colour, height and position of her teeth.

Result: her desired smile

Her longer, whiter teeth are truly dazzling when she smiles – they enhance her beauty, make her more confident as a person, and ensure she’s even more marketable as a model.

A Brighter Smile

Background: old cosmetic work, nervous patient

Our patient came to us with concerns about old cosmetic work that had been done to his front teeth. He wanted his smile to look brighter and better. He also had a lot of anxiety about dentistry, and wanted to be sedated while the work was being done.

Treatment: crowns, bridge, IV sedation, gum recontouring

We started off with laser gum recontouring, which created a more appealing gum height and longer-looking teeth. Our treatment included seven porcelain crowns, a bridge and whitening of the lower teeth to match the crowns; all the work was done while the patient was under IV sedation.

Result: his desired smile

His smile now follows his lip position, and he is very pleased with his restored smile.

His smile now follows his lip position, and he is very pleased with his restored smile.

Additional Cases

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