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Looking for a friendly, convenient practice that can accommodate you, your kids and your spouse? You’ve come to the right place. With our convenient one-stop shop approach, everything you need from children’s dentistry to orthodontics, checkups to implants is here

Our practice is designed around families; in addition to our general, cosmetic and surgical services, we have a great children’s program that shows your kids how to take care of their teeth, inspires them to make healthy choices, and makes a visit to the dentists a fun, positive experience.

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You want a dental team that understands your needs, respects your desires, understands your anxieties – and does quality work that looks great and lasts for a long time. If you’ve had a less-than-ideal experience, don’t let that put you off visiting a dentist.

At DS Dental, our focus is on making every appointment and every procedure a positive experience. Our goal is to build relationships with our patients – and we can only do that if they are happy with the work, the service and the atmosphere. How you feel is important to us. We’re always listening.

Sleep dentistry options:

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At DS Dental, our focus is on making sure all of your dental needs are taken care of. We customize our care for all of our patients to ensure everyone is able to successfully attain the smile they’ve always desired.

At each appointment, we create an inviting environment to allow all patients to feel comfortable and relaxed. We’ll do everything we can to make your experience a great one while helping you attain your oral health goals.

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You’re busy. We understand that, and do everything we can to make your experience easy. From texting you appointment reminders, to offering flexible pre- and post-work hours, your convenience is built into every component of our service.

Don’t like waiting?

Your time is valuable, and we pride ourselves on staying on time and not making our patients wait around for appointments. In fact, we recently surveyed our patients, and found that they wait an average of less than five minutes before their appointment begins. (That’s just enough time to relax by our fish tank or fireplace and enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee…)

Don’t have time?

Instead of playing phone tag with you, we can text or email communications on request. We even offer video conferencing technology for treatment discussions so you don’t have to drive in.

Can’t make it in during business hours?

If your treatment plan requires multiple sessions but you can’t take time off work, we’re flexible. We will be happy to sit down and figure out a plan that accommodates your schedule. After all, your job shouldn’t get in the way of your desired smile.

Looking for simpler solutions?

DS Dental is a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. And if we do need to use dental or medical specialist partners, we will facilitate the necessary referrals. Plus, we’re located in Burlington, so our office is easy to get to – we’re just 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, 10 minutes from Hamilton, and only a couple of minutes from Oakville.

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