3 Ways to Ensure your Child’s First Dental Check-Up is a Success

Start early

You should plan your child’s first dental trip no later than their first birthday. Early exposure to the office and check-up routine will prepare your child for future appointments, and more involved procedures if needed. At Desired Smiles, we offer 3 types of appointments for children that vary in length, with each targeting different needs. All are fun and interactive ways to introduce dental care and routine to your child.

Don’t bribe your child too much

It’s not recommended that you bribe your child before a trip to the dentist. Chances are they’ll clue in that they’re about to go through something that may not be so fun. That being said, small rewards can be successful and will encourage a positive association for your child when they visit the dentist. Some offices will provide a small prize for every successful visit. Something collectible like a sticker will encourage them to actually look forward to check-ups.

Inform your child

It’s important that you inform your child about the importance of dental check-ups and good dental health. Your dentist should have some good ways to help with this. Focus on the importance of strong, healthy teeth, having to clean off sugar bugs, etc. Use simple benefits that will capture your child’s attention. Chances are if you tell them why they’re not going to want veneers 50 years down the road, they won’t be able to relate.

If your child is still anxious about their dental visit, or they’ve already had a negative experience, we assure you that our specialized children’s program will help fix their fears. Contact us today and get your child familiarized with the importance of oral health and maintenance.

By utilizing these tips and knowing you have a specialist in your back pocket, you can ensure a positive dental experience for your child every time!


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