Preventing Dental Injuries

The best course of dental care is to prevent rather than react. Dental injuries are painful, costly and time consuming to deal with, but luckily most dental injuries can be prevented with the proper precautions. Below we have outlined tips to prevent dental injuries for both children and adults.


  • When taking your child out in the car, be sure to use a car seat in the proper manner following all rules and regulations. In the result of any type of accident this is the best way to ensure that your child and their teeth remain safe.
  • Babies have a habit of teething on random things that they get their hands on. Be sure to be aware of this and take away anything they should not have in their mouths.
  • It is normal for children to fall when they are learning to walk. Try and make sure they are in a safe space with padded surfaces when they are attempting their new skill, and check their teeth regularly to check for any irregularities.
  • If your child plays sports, ask your child’s dentist about a mouth protector or mouth guard to help prevent dental injuries. A mouth guard acts as a cushion to prevent broken jaws, neck injuries and concussions – if your child plays a contact sport this is an absolute must.


  • Do not chew hard objects that can crack your teeth such as ice, popcorn kernels or hard candy – especially if you have had issues with sensitive teeth previously.
  • Use scissors to cut tape and threads. It may be easier to use your teeth, but doing so can cause significant harm to your teeth.
  • Wear a mouth guard if you are participating in sports or recreational activities to reduce the chances of damage to your teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. Not only will you be preventing damage to these areas but mouth guards also help prevent concussions.

Follow these tips to help prevent dental injuries. In the event of a dental injury, visit a dental professional immediately. If left untreated dental injuries can eventually affect your overall health.

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