Smile Your Way to Self-Confidence

Have you ever met someone with seemingly bottomless expanses of confidence? All eyes are on them as they walk into a room. They are always sure of themselves, they can capture the attention of any audience, they walk with assurance, they seize opportunities, and they are well respected.

Sometimes it may feel like you can never get on their level – you will never be the person who strides into a room with positivity and confidence. You feel like you will always shrivel in front of others nervously and continue on, unnoticed. There are steps you can take to become more confident in yourself. The very first step is also the easiest one – smile!

Various studies have proven that facial expressions are not only visible portrayals of emotion; they actually contribute to that emotion as well.

Smiling can make you feel happier, feel better about yourself, and increase your confidence. Even when you fake a smile, you are slowly changing your attitude and you can begin to increase your self-confidence. A study in which participants held chopsticks between their teeth that forced them to smile while performing stressful tasks proved this theory. Those participants who were forced to smile had lower heart rate levels, lower self-reported stress levels, and an easier time recovering from the stress than those who held neutral facial expressions. Choosing to smile even impacts what we find funny or what we enjoy – the more we smile, the more we perceive things positively.

By choosing to smile, you are choosing the positive route and soon enough your fake smile will transform into a real one!

Body language is a huge influencer in how we are perceived. Don’t believe us? Just watch this TED talk! Smiling is an important part of our body language – by smiling, we open ourselves up to those around us. The more you smile, the more likely you will be perceived positively. You become more approachable, more likely to get hired, and even more attractive. This even works when people don’t see you smiling – like when you’re talking to someone over the phone.

When others perceive us positively, it’s much easier for ourselves to do the same. When our social interactions are more successful, when we reach our goals, when we have a positive outlook – all things that come from smiling more – our self-confidence can soar. One tiny act of smiling can give us just enough juice to start a positive chain of events that leads to huge improvements to our self-esteem.

Want to know some more positive effects of smiling?

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