Habits Hurting Your Teeth

Excessive Snacking

If you’re constantly snacking on unhealthy foods, you could be damaging your teeth. In addition, snacking produces less saliva than a meal, meaning you have less protection against acids. Binge eating can also result in tooth decay.

Chewing on Ice

Doing so wears down tooth enamel. What’s worse is that ice is a hard substance that can chip or even crack your teeth. Chewing on ice can also cause recurring toothaches if you munch down hard enough to irritate the soft tissue.

Chewing on Objects

If you chew on objects like pencils when nervous or focused, you could be hurting your teeth. Doing so wears down tooth enamel and like chewing on ice, can cause your teeth to crack or chip.

Using Your Teeth as Tools

Opening containers or plastic packaging with your teeth may seem more convenient than reaching for a bottle opener or a pair of scissors, but it’s not a good idea in the long run. Using your teeth in the place of tools can cause them to crack or chip.

Drinking soda

By drinking soda, you aren’t only exposing your teeth to a sugary drink. You’re also bathing your teeth in an acidic environment, regardless of how much sugar is in the drink. This wears down and causes damage to your smile.

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