Taking care of your teeth – and your baby (Dental care during pregnancy)

You know you need to make healthy choices when you’re pregnant. Not smoking or drinking, eating right, taking folic acid. But did you know that keeping your mouth in great shape is also an important part of a healthy pregnancy?

Preventative care.
Fluctuating hormones can cause gums to swell, bleed, and trap food, increasing irritation and potentially leading to periodontitis or infected gums. Visiting your dentist regularly throughout pregnancy (2+ times) is important for plaque removal and scaling, which keep gum disease and infection at bay. And avoiding infection is vital; oral infections can lead to all kinds of problems including preeclampsia, pre-term birth and low birth weight. So if you’re pregnant (or you’re planning to be), regular visits to your dentist can help you have a healthier pregnancy – and a healthier baby.

Your dentist will keep you and your baby safe.
Whenever you visit your dental office, make sure you tell them you’re pregnant so they can pay special attention to your needs and offer the safest possible treatment options. If you have a cavity or an infection, it’s best to treat it immediately; your dentist can do fillings or root planing using a local anaesthetic that won’t harm your baby.

You may want to avoid having work done in the third trimester, as it can be very uncomfortable to lie on your back for extended periods. We recommend postponing elective treatments such as teeth whitening, implants and other cosmetic procedures until after the birth.

X-rays, understandably, are of particular concern to pregnant patients. But you can rest easy. Studies have shown no increased risk of birth abnormalities with exposure below five rads. Regular dental x-rays put out less than 1% of this value, with digital x-rays being even lower. Plus, a lead apron is offered for added protection. Your baby’s exposure will be minimal – so it’s safe for both of you. Your dentist will also avoid any medications that could be dangerous to your baby’s development.

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