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Wearing White Smiles After Labour Day

September 8, 2015

For most of us, Labour Day marks the official end of summer. While we may be sad to see summer go, it’s time to welcome in a new season with a big smile on our faces. But is your smile as white as you want it to be?

After a long, lazy Labour Day weekend spent with friends, family and fun, you may find your smile slightly dulled, not only by the end of summer, but by a summer well spent of snacking, sun-grazing, and possibly even skipping the dentist!

If you are guilty of not staying on top of your dental-care routine this summer, not to worry; Desired Smiles has all the tools to get your smile back to its shining best.

Teeth Whitening

While you may be familiar with a whole range of whitening products available, they may not give you the result you desire. If you are looking for a dramatically whiter smile, there are two options available for whitening that may suit your needs.

The first option is the in-office Zoom! whitening treatment. This treatment is fairly quick, as you will only be in the chair for about one hour. To begin the treatment, we protect your lips and gums, and then apply whitening gel to your teeth. To activate the whitening gel, we shine a special light into your mouth. The light and gel then work together to break up stains, and discolourations. All you have to do is sit back! Once your treatment is complete, we will send you home with a kit for at-home touch ups, which will help you keep your newly brightened smile even longer. The average results of this treatment are a staggering eight shades of improvement!

If our Zoom! whitening treatment isn’t suited for you, we also have a take-home whitening alternative to whiten your teeth at your own pace. For this treatment, we create a custom tray that fits your teeth, and provide you with the gel to use in the trays. The process takes approximately two to three weeks from start to finish, and you will be able to enjoy great results on your own time!

Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Whether or not you choose to whiten your teeth, regular checkups and cleanings are essential in maintaining your clean, white smile, as well as for teeth and gum health. To make sure your dental appointments are as painless as possible (no pun intended), we offer flexible appointment times, a convenient location, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff to get you through your appointment in no time at all.

During your appointment, we also ensure you are equipped with all the proper tools and knowledge to properly care for your teeth in between visits. Beyond proper brushing and flossing techniques, we will put together a preventative oral health program for you, and walk you through all the steps you need to keep your mouth in good health. We will even talk to you about foods you should be avoiding to maintain your healthy smile for life. The key to good oral health is not only having all the information, but putting all you know to good use.

Get Your Desired Smile

Wanting your teeth to look their whitest and brightest is a common feeling, and we are happy to help you achieve this. We truly believe that maintaining a healthy smile for life comes from learning how to best take care of your own oral health in between dental visits.

We also believe that this knowledge and care can be learned and started from a very young age, which is why our play-based children’s dentistry appointments are so successful. Through our three different types of appointments, we prepare children for what to expect during their dental visits, as well as teach them how to take care of their teeth and gums on their own. You’re never too young to take care of your teeth!

From our regular dental visits, to cosmetic services, including whitening and veneers, we are truly your one stop shop for all your oral health needs.

If you would like to learn more about either of our two whitening options, or to book an appointment to get your dental care back on track, please contact us, and come experience the difference for yourself.

Smile on Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2015

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re excited for your big date or you’re staying in and celebrating Anna Howard Shaw Day instead, your smile should shine!

Why is your smile so important for Valentine’s Day?

Your smile is among the first features people notice about you when they first meet you. If you’re not one to go on first dates on Valentine’s Day, believe us – it’s still important to determine your attractiveness. (Over 73% of people say they look for a nice smile in their ideal partner).

Did you just suddenly become self-conscious about your smile? There’s no need to worry! You have plenty of options for making that smile shine!

  1. Teeth whitening is an option to revive your smile, whether you plan to do it in-office or at home.
  1. If it’s not a whiter smile you want, but a straighter one, you get that too! Invisalign can help straighten your smile invisibly!
  1. Cosmetic Bonding can improve the look of your teeth if they’re chipped, stained, or spaced unevenly.
  1. Veneers are an alternative to cosmetic bonding. They’re extremely resistant to staining and look just like tooth enamel so you’ll be smiling in no time!

So impress your date with a smile that shines! Alternatively, if you’re happily single, you can still celebrate Galentine’s Day!

What’s a better way of showing your lady friends you care than by radiating confidence with your smile? Of course, along with sharing your secret – how did you go from being nervous about your smile to showing it off with pride?

Schedule your free smile analysis with us today and we’ll be sure to put a smile on your face!

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3 Simple Ways to Save Your Teeth from Staining

August 27, 2014

Various studies indicate that smiling boosts confidence and offers health benefits. For people who are critical or self-conscious of their teeth, however, smiling may not come so easily. Tooth staining is one common cause of dissatisfaction that most people worry about at some point. Fortunately, with the following three tips, stopping staining is easier than many people realize.

1. Limit These Seemingly Innocent Substances

Most people know that coffee, black tea, and wine cause staining. However, these are not the only substances to avoid if you want to keep your smile bright. Sports drinks, energy drinks, and other carbonated drinks are highly acidic, so they can cause tooth enamel erosion. Berries and berry-based fruit juices often are acidic and highly pigmented, which are both factors that raise the risk of staining. Sauces with dark colors, such as soy sauce, can also cause discoloration.

2. Minimize Damage from Staining Substances

If you are like most people and don’t want to give up these drinks and foods entirely, you don’t have to resign yourself to a less-than-dazzling smile. When consuming substances that cause stains, try doing the following:

  • Swallow drinks quickly instead of letting them linger in your mouth.
  • Use a straw to keep drinks away from your front teeth, where staining is most obvious.
  • Use water to rinse your mouth after finishing one of these drinks or foods.
  • When possible, brush your teeth or chew sugarless gum after rinsing.
  • Instead of sipping on drinks throughout the day, finish one, rinse or brush, and take a break before starting the next.

These changes are small and simple, but they can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile. Of course, when these methods aren’t enough, we offer numerous options for restoring your usual bright smile.

3. Try Professional Teeth Whitening

At Desired Smiles, patients can choose from two types of whitening treatments. In-office whitening is performed in one session and can brighten teeth by as much as eight shades. As an alternative, we provide at-home whitening kits with custom trays to hold the whitening gel against your teeth. These kits produce results in just two to three weeks. For patients whose teeth are chipped or cracked in addition to being stained, we also offer options like bonding.

We are always ready to discuss the teeth whitening options best suited for you during your next dental visit. Of course, regular dental visits help prevent staining from occurring in the first place, since patients receive a professional cleaning and advice regarding diet and oral hygiene. This is just one more reason to schedule your next dental visit sooner than later if you are concerned about the appearance of your smile.

Eat Your Way to a Whiter Smile

August 13, 2014

While it’s certainly an important part of dental hygiene, brushing your teeth isn’t the only way to a whiter smile! Here’s a quick guide on how to eat your way to a whiter smile:

Lean Meats

Lean meats like chicken will help keep your smile white and beautiful. These meats contain ingredients like calcium and phosphorus, which help promote the health of tooth enamel and keep your smile bright and white!


Not everyone is a meat eater, and nuts are a great substitute to lean meats to keep your smile healthy!


Milk, cheese, and yogurt are high in calcium, which help keep teeth healthy, and in turn, white! Hard cheeses help even more by removing other food particles!

Fruits and Veggies

Did you know that the production of saliva helps neutralize acids from foods like tomatoes, wines, or citrus fruits? Well, it’s true and it’s why you should be eating plenty of firm and crunchy fruits and vegetables! Fruits and vegetables like apples, celery, carrots, among others help stimulate saliva production as they require a lot of chewing.

Do you have any great recipes containing crunch and healthy foods? Share them with us!

Let’s Bond! Cosmetic Bonding 101

July 16, 2014

Not only do we want to bond with our patients and create great, lasting relationships, we also want to transform your smile with teeth bonding! Bonding is among one of the easiest and most cost-effective cosmetic dental procedures.

What is Bonding?

Bonding, or bonded restoration is a process that painlessly restores the appearance of your teeth. It uses a tooth-coloured material called composite resin. With bonding, we can change the colour, shape and length of your teeth, eliminate crowding, close up spaces, and do a lot of the things that can be done with veneers.

Why is Bonding Done?

Bonding is considered a good option to:

  • Restore chipped teeth
  • Build teeth up
  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Close spaces between teeth
  • Change the shape of the teeth
  • Whiten a discoloured tooth.

So there is really no reason for you to be unhappy with your smile! Chipped, discoloured, or broken teeth are no match for bonded restoration!

Is Bonding a Long Process?

No serious preparation is required, and normally, no anaesthesia is needed! It’s a painless procedure so sit back and get ready for your perfect smile.

It usually takes 30-60 minutes per tooth to complete the process.

How Long Does Bonding Last For?

Bonding usually lasts about five to eight years, at which point you can have it redone, or you can switch to veneers.

Interested? Come in for a free smile analysis!