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Video Updates From Our Team

The Desired Smiles team has created various video updates to provide helpful information to our patients and keep them up to date with what is happening with our practice.

Updates For Our Orthodontic Patients

April 3, 2020

Dear Orthodontic Patients,

I hope that you and your family are safe, healthy and doing well. The world has changed so quickly by COVID-19 and we recognize the impact all around us.

From an Orthodontic aspect, I wanted to reach out and let you know a few items that can be helpful in managing your care.

  1. We sent out a previous email last week with tips on managing any orthodontic problems. I have attached that for your reference.
  2. Your Next Appointment: At present we are closed until April 20, 2020. This date is dictated by the Minister of Health and our licensing bodies.
  3. Payments: Some of you are on a monthly payment plan. Typically, these payments are processed on the 15th day of each month. When we created a treatment plan for your orthodontic care, we provided a diagnosis, treatment options, estimated length of time and complete fee. This fee is for a final outcome, irrespective of length of time. If we estimated the time to be 1.5 years and it take 2 years to complete, we do not adjust our fee for the extra length of treatment time. Our fees are not based on or created for monthly visits. A few patients have been confused and think that we fee per visit and that if you do not come for a visit, then there should not be a fee. Fees are not per visit, they are for your complete outcome.
  4. Specific Clinical Treatments:
    – At this time we anticipate that people with braces and are wearing elastics, your treatment will be relatively on schedule. Please let us know if you need more elastics.
    – People that are in braces and not in active elastics, we anticipate adding one extra month to your treatment (No fee adjustments needed).
    – People in Invisalign and continuing with active aligner wear and changing aligners on schedule, your treatment time will be relatively on schedule.
    – People in Invisalign and have completed their aligners, we will be moving into the Retainer Phase when we open again.
  5. Please continue to follow us for office updates on our Social Media platforms: INSTAGRAM

Note: Although our Orthodontic fee is for the entire treatment outcome (not length of time or number of visits), should you need to defer your monthly fee for April, please let us know. We recognize that this is a difficult time and we will do our best to help. We will continue to bill on the 15th day of each month for orthodontic clients that are on a monthly installment plan.

Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.

Dr. Walter Heidary

March 23, 2020

Dear Patients:

We still remain temporarily closed and we do not know for certain when we will be able to reopen.

We have be advised that we are only allowed to treat “Emergency” patients at this time. We are here to help but have been ordered by our licensing body to only treat severe pain and trauma not responding to over the counter medication and wax. We apologize for the inconvenience but emergencies do not include broken brackets, retainers or Invisalign problems unless in severe pain.

Many orthodontic concerns can be managed at home by yourself with proper guidance so we have created some tips and strategies for you during this time.

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene, including brushing after meals and flossing daily
  • For patients in fixed braces, avoid hard foods
  • Sometimes a bracket might come loose, or a wire may poke into your cheek. If a wire is poking your cheek, try clipping it with sterilized nail clippers or wire cutters. It also may be possible to bend the wire with the end of a spoon handle or needle nose pliers.
  • Wax can also be placed over the irritant. A broken bracket or loose retainer is not considered an emergency. Wax can be used on a broken bracket to make it more comfortable.
  • If you have an expander or other device that requires you to activate it – please STOP turning the expander or appliance until we resume normally scheduled visits
  • If you are in fixed braces or Clear Aligners and are using elastics, MOVE TO WEARING ELASTICS ONLY AT NIGHT-TIME until we resume normally scheduled visits
  • For those who have finished their treatment and are wearing retainers, follow the instructions that were provided at your last visit regarding the wear-time of your retainers
  • If you have a fixed bonded retainer that breaks or become loose and you are less than 6 months out of treatment WEAR YOUR REMOVABLE RETAINER FULL TIME. If you are more than 6 months out of braces, make sure you are wearing your retainer EVERY NIGHT until we resume normally scheduled visits and we can repair the break

If you are in severe pain and need immediate Emergency care, please call 905-332-0105 and leave a message in our Emergency voicemail box or email us at and put Emergency in the subject time.

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon,

Dr. Heidary & Dr. Ghoreshi

Ongoing COVID-19 Updates For Our Patients

April 3, 2020

Dear Desired Smiles Patients,

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, our Dental Office remains closed until April 20, 2020. This date is dictated by Ministry of Health and our licensing bodies.

We are available for Emergency visits only.  If you have a dental emergency and are in pain, and/or have severe swelling and cannot manage at home with over the counter medications, please email: or call 905-332-0105 and leave a message in our emergency voicemail box.

For our orthodontic patients, we have sent out a separate email with some instructions and tips. If you are in orthodontics and have not received this email, please check your SPAM folder and email us at to have it resent. 

We are working diligently and will be extending hours to accommodate you as soon as possible as we are able to re-open.

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest updates.

Our primary concern is that of your health and safety.  We thank you for choosing Desired Smiles and thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Thank you and stay safe.

Desired Smiles Dental

March 16, 2020

Based on the guidance of Public Health and discussions with the ODA and our College, we have made the difficult decision to close our dental practice effective immediately, in an effort to work with our regional, provincial and federal partners to contain the spread of COVID-19.

This action is being taken with an abundance of caution, and there is no current perceived risk at our dental practice. Our decisions are being based on information from our municipal, provincial and federal governing bodies.      

As of Monday, March 16, 2020 Desired Smiles will be closed.

We are available for dental emergencies and should you need immediate care, please email us at or call 905-332-0105 and leave a detailed message in our emergency voicemailbox.

If you, or any family members begin to experience any symptoms of COVID-19 please contact your primary care provider, local Public Health Department, or Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000.

For the most recent COVID-19 updates, we encourage you to visit the following websites:




Public Health Canada

We thank you for your understanding during these extenuating circumstances.


Desired Smiles Dental


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