Health Benefits of Smiling

  The clocks have gone back, daylight is shortening, and the festive season looms closer bringing with it many more reasons to smile. However, the decrease in daylight can be a problem for many. Thankfully, we all come equipped with the tools to help. Heading into the winter months is the perfect time to remind […]

Creating a Confident Smile

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 50% of people claim a smile is the first feature they notice about another person. A confident smile could set you apart and make you a more confident person overall! But what are the steps to creating a confident smile? It’s difficult to have a confident smile if […]

Are You at Risk for Tooth and Bone Density Loss?

Losing teeth has many detrimental effects, from complicating eating your favourite foods to allowing other teeth to shift out of place. Most people think they can guard against this threat through strong oral hygiene habits. However, many people may be at risk for bone density loss, which may increase the likelihood of tooth loss. Statistics […]

5 Ways Over-Brushing Hurts More Than it Helps

Can’t I just brush my teeth continuously for 10 minutes each day instead of the recommended 2 minutes in order to achieve a bright white smile? That way I can drink all the coffee, red wine, and pop I want. Those drinks can’t stain my teeth if I’m constantly whitening by brushing longer. This thought […]

Are Oral Health Issues Costing You Sleep?

There are many things that may keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, whether caused by internal stress or the external environment. One common cause of poor sleep that many people overlook is Sleep Disordered Breathing, which includes both snoring and sleep apnea. These conditions can have wide-ranging and dangerous effects if left untreated, […]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removal of your wisdom teeth may sound painful and generally unpleasant. Instinctually, you may want to put off the discomfort surrounding wisdom teeth removal; however, this is a very bad idea. Putting off an important procedure such as wisdom teeth removal can cause a host of unanticipated problems. Damage To Neighbouring Teeth One of the […]

3 Ways to Ensure your Child’s First Dental Check-Up is a Success

Start early You should plan your child’s first dental trip no later than their first birthday. Early exposure to the office and check-up routine will prepare your child for future appointments, and more involved procedures if needed. At Desired Smiles, we offer 3 types of appointments for children that vary in length, with each targeting […]

Accepting referrals

Not every dentist does every type of procedure. That’s why our office takes referrals from other dentists – we help with patients who are fearful, those who need sedation or general anaesthetic (not every office is set up to do this), those who require reconstructive surgery, or with young children who need extensive work. These […]

Implants – for a permanent smile you’ll love

These days, it’s easier than ever to replace damaged and missing teeth with permanent, natural-looking replacements. Advancements in implant technology allow us to take a speedy and safe “teeth-in-a-day” approach that means you can get a great-looking smile without waiting. Speed and comfort. If you’re missing a front tooth, we can add a temporary tooth […]

Google your dentist

Looking for a new computer? A new pasta recipe your family will like? A place to print your photos? Chances are, the first place you turn for info is Google. It’s the best tool for finding anything and everything you need – including a dentist who’s the right fit for you and your family. An […]


What Do Our Patients Say About Us?

Testimonials have become an invaluable resource for decision making. From travel (Trip Advisor) to healthcare (Rate Md) , we want to know other people’s experience.

The most valuable testimonials are from Verified People and managed by Trusted Third Party Groups.

In dentistry you can discover what verified patients experience on:

It would be our honor to support your dental needs like we do for the many wonderful families which we serve. Our patients are our best advocates and they constantly share their experiences.

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