10 Ways to Make Brushing Fun For Your Child

Even for the most diligent brushers among us, it can be a difficult task to get your child excited about brushing. As adults, we know both the short and long term benefits of a proper and consistent brushing routine. In your child’s eyes, it’s quite possible they could see brushing as a chore; something they […]

Keeping Your Teeth Clean Around Halloween

The start of October has us counting down the days to Halloween, and all the fun that it entails. Between the costumes and spooky movies, there is something fun for everyone to enjoy. But we all know one thing: Halloween is really all about the treats and sweets! There are only a few other times […]

Wearing White Smiles After Labour Day

For most of us, Labour Day marks the official end of summer. While we may be sad to see summer go, it’s time to welcome in a new season with a big smile on our faces. But is your smile as white as you want it to be? After a long, lazy Labour Day weekend […]

Fun Summer Activities That Will Make You Smile

When summer is here and the sun is out, we are right out there with it! While the weather is warm, we want to fill our days with as many fun activities as possible. What better way to show off those pearly whites then with a huge smile these fun summer activities will be sure […]

Teeth Whitening Myths & Facts

Myth 1: You have to wait until you’re thirty for the treatment. While you shouldn’t get your teeth whitened while your teeth and mouth are still developing in your teens, you probably will be fine in your 20s. What can happen if your teeth are whitened before they have fully developed is that the areas […]

Dental Injuries and Sports

Did you know that most dental injuries caused in sports are preventable? With the proper protective wear, dental injuries from sports could be significantly reduced. As it stands, during a single sports season, athletes have a 1 in 10 chance of suffering a facial or dental injury. In fact, 13-39% of all dental injuries are […]

Celebrating the History of Canadian Military Dentistry

In honour of Vimy Ridge Day, we wanted to share a bit of Canadian military history with you. Did you know that dentistry and the military have a relationship that dates back to the 17th century? In honour of Vimy Ridge Day, let’s remember the soldiers who fought in World War I as well as […]

5 Famous Idioms That Prove We Love Teeth

We care a lot about our teeth. Not just us dentists, but people. People worry about their smiles, about whether their breath smells, or if they have food stuck in their teeth. You may think these are the only indicators that people care about teeth. You may want to disagree and say if people cared […]

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

So you grind your teeth, no big deal, right? Actually, wrong – grinding your teeth can cause some serious damage. Even if you think your case is mild. So what exactly is happening when you’re grinding or clenching your teeth? Teeth grinding, even when mild, has the power to wear down your enamel. This protective […]


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