5 Foods That Will Naturally Help Whiten Your Smile

Having a bright white smile is what most people desire. However, maintaining a bright smile isn’t easy with the plethora of foods that can stain your teeth. Luckily with advancements in dental technology, there are different ways to whiten your teeth professionally. Did you know there are foods that will help naturally whiten your smile […]

Tips To Make Your Child Comfortable With Their Own Dental Health

Creating good habits for your children is extremely important in ensuring that they carry good habits into adulthood. In saying this, dental health should be a habitual practice and it is important to show your children how to take care of their teeth effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips to make your child comfortable […]

Best Practices to Keep Your Teeth Clean Between Visits

Regular dental cleanings are a great way to maintain the health of your teeth. By taking care of your teeth in between appointments, you ensure better overall dental health and make your dental appointments a breeze. This month, is oral health month. In light of that, below are some things to remember to do in […]

3 Ways to Combat Dental Anxiety

Not everyone is thrilled about attending their dental appointments. Fears can fester inside people who are anxious about certain dental procedures, potential pain and unknown dental problems that may arise at a check-up. Some avoid the dentist completely due to anxieties that become too overwhelming to handle. Below we will outline three techniques to help […]

3 Things to Avoid to Keep A Whiter Smile

Are your pearly whites not as bright as you wish they were? Unfortunately, some of the most delicious food and drink are the things that stain our teeth the most. You don’t need to cut these things out completely, but understanding what they are can benefit you so that you consume them in moderation. Sugary, […]

10 Step Check list to Better Oral Hygiene

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. With proper oral care, it is easy for someone to have healthy teeth and gums. Are you someone who flosses and brushes your teeth at least twice a day? Brushing and flossing are necessary for good oral health, but there are a few other things you could be […]

Festive Low-Sugar Dessert Recipes to Enjoy over the Holiday Season

Holiday treats like fudge, eggnog, gingerbread cookies and peppermint candies are everywhere during the holiday season. Remember, foods that are high in sugar speed up the tooth decay process if proper oral hygiene is not practiced. We’ve compiled a list of some Low-Sugar Dessert Recipes for you to enjoy over the holiday season, without rotting […]

Is Dentistry Safe during Pregnancy?

Between trips to the doctor, setting up a nursery and carrying a baby inside of you, don’t forget to visit the dentist! Dental care is very important during pregnancy for expectant mothers. Gum problems have been linked to premature births. Keeping your mouth healthy during pregnancy is as important for the expectant mother as not […]


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