Taking care of your whole body: how dentists and doctors work together for better health

If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, it could be a cavity that’s causing the ache. But there’s also a chance it’s something else. Your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, and it’s a dentist’s role to factor in all the possibilities when diagnosing a problem – and to partner with …

The mouth-body connection: how your oral health affects your overall well-being

When you have an infection, it impacts your entire body. If you have periodontal disease (gum infection), it can wreak havoc on your overall health, especially if you have pre-existing conditions or health issues. In fact, there’s a strong link between periodontal disease and other chronic inflammatory conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even …


Snoring, sleep apnea and strokes: Good news with latest treatments Snoring disrupts more than just sleep. It can be an indication of a bigger problem: sleep apnea, which can lead to stroke. But if you or your partner snores, there is hope; effective treatments are available to help reduce snoring, improve sleep – and keep …

Expectant Mothers

Gum problems linked to premature births: dental care vital for expectant mothers If you’re pregnant, keeping your mouth healthy is as important as not smoking or drinking, getting enough sleep and eating right. In fact, poor oral health can lead to a number of pregnancy problems. Research has shown that oral infections can lead to …


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