Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthly

With how hectic our day to day lives can be, sometimes it becomes hard to maintain a steady oral health routine. Here are three ways to help consistently keep your smile healthy:  

Stay On A Routine

When certain activities throw off you and your family’s regular routine, be sure to try and stick to it as much as possible. Don’t skip brushing before bed, or if you’re in a rush out of the house in the morning.

Simple things like brushing calendars can help everyone stay on track despite a busy schedule. Plus, it’s a chance to spend more time together. Take part in your oral health routine with your children and supervise to make sure proper brushing and flossing routines are followed.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

It’s common for families to sip and snack during sports tournaments, festivals or nearly any community event. However, you need to watch out for sugary drinks and snacks. Instead, offer water, milk and healthy snacking alternatives to your family to help promote your overall oral health.

If you find yourself spending more time at home, snack smarter, and let your children tell you when they’re hungry instead of offering snacks throughout the day.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

These routine checkups can be a good way to be sure your child’s teeth stay healthy and that any potential causes for concern are caught early. It is a good idea to make sure your children’s appointments are booked well in advance to get the best appointment times that work best for you. This can also act as a reminder to schedule appointments for all of the adults in your family as well!

If you are looking to book your next appointment, contact DS Dental. We are here to help serve you and your family to ensure all your oral health needs are met. Contact us today.

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