3 Cost Effective Cosmetic Solutions To Improve Your Smile

With summer around the corner, there are lots of reasons to smile! However, some people may be hesitant to show off their teeth, due to less than ideal oral health or lack of confidence in their smile. 

If this sounds like you, there are many solutions at your disposal. With the emergence of cosmetic dental procedures, patients now have the option to reconstruct their teeth and gums to improve their smile to meet their wants and needs. 

Below we have listed three cost effective cosmetic procedures that can help restore your teeth to assist you with regaining confidence in your smile. 


Dental veneers have use cases to correct a wide range of dental issues including chipped teeth or teeth that are badly stained and cannot be whitened.

Dental veneers are custom shells made of tooth-coloured porcelain. These shells are matched to your natural smile’s appearance, then are placed over the front part of the tooth to cover and improve its appearance. Veneers give patients the ability to improve colour, size, length, and or shape.

A dental veneer is all about shaping and changing the appearance of the front surface of the tooth.


One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening; done with the purpose of eliminating discolouration on your teeth.

Teeth whitening focuses on improving the colour of the teeth to make them appear as white as possible. Coffee, cigarettes and a variety of other foods, can cause significant discolouration in your teeth. A lot of people often experience this, leading them to look for a cosmetic solution to help restore their teeth back to their natural appearance.

Teeth whitening can be performed in a variety of ways depending on your budget, all with varying levels of effectiveness. There are at-home whitening options, take home kits from your dentist and in-office whitening that render the best results. To decide what option is best for you, it is always important to consult your dentist before making a decision.


Tooth bonding is the procedure that involves filling the minor gaps and or chips in the teeth. The dentist uses a tooth-coloured composite resin to repair the damage at a very cost-effective price. The resin is applied to the gapped or chipped area and left to dry and adhere to your natural tooth.

This procedure is significantly cheaper than other cosmetic dental procedures like crowns and veneers, making it an attractive option for those looking to improve the appearance of their smile at a reasonable cost.

For more information on how to improve your smile, contact Desired Smiles today.

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