3 Things to Avoid to Keep A Whiter Smile

Are your pearly whites not as bright as you wish they were? Unfortunately, some of the most delicious food and drink are the things that stain our teeth the most. You don’t need to cut these things out completely, but understanding what they are can benefit you so that you consume them in moderation.

Sugary, Stain Inducing Drinks

We’re sorry soda lovers, unfortunately dark coloured cola is extremely harmful for your teeth. Loaded with sugar, it wears down your enamel causing staining and cavities. Additionally, the phosphoric and/or citric acid can also cause damage to your enamel. It may be hard to cut out these drinks completely, but try and minimize your consumption of dark coloured sodas. Alternatively, you can try a lighter coloured soda when you choose to indulge every so often.

Unfortunately, coffee, another extremely popular beverage, has a staining effect on your teeth. Drinking an excessive amount of coffee can cause discolouration in your smile. Luckily, adding a splash of milk to your coffee can help lessen the staining effects.

Lastly, the one we all saw coming, red wine. The high acidity in red wine eats away at your enamel, and the tannins cause considerable staining. Alternatively drink more white wine, or drink red in moderation.

Soy Sauce

The rise of Asian inspired foods in Western culture has led to a rampant use of soy sauce within dishes. Unfortunately, the dark colour of soy sauce causes staining to our teeth over time.

If you are a sushi lover don’t fret; instead of dunking your sushi and drowning it in soy sauce, try barely dipping your bites instead to moderate consumption. Doing so will not only help prevent stains, it will also bring the flavours of the vegetables and fish within the sushi out more.


You may of not seen this one coming, but the bright pigments within berries can cause staining to your enamel. The little seeds within berries can also get stuck in your gums and lead to discomfort and infections.

There is no need to cut out these antioxidant powerhouses, but consume in moderation to lower the chances of staining and infection.

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