TV Tropes: The Evil Dentist

Have you ever noticed while watching television or a movie that every dentist is a villain? This trope is far overused in television and movies. We believe it’s also unfair and contributes to the fear many people have in dentists.

Let’s look over some of the dentists in popular culture and how they’re portrayed.

Dr. Wonka – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In the 2005 rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we discover that Willy Wonka’s father, Dr. Wonka, was in fact a dentist. Dr. Wonka forbids his son from eating any candy or chocolate, which causes Willy Wonka to run off and become a successful chocolatier.

We think this representation of a dentist is a bit unfair. Candy and chocolate can be enjoyed in moderation and rinsing your mouth with a drink of water afterwards helps prevent cavities.

Stu – The Hangover

Stu is a dentist who has a bit of a crazy side. He’s not strictly a villain, but he does make some poor decisions as a dentist. In The Hangover, Stu pulls out his own tooth to prove he’s a good dentist while under the influence of alcohol. We admit his logic is a bit misguided. We also believe this movie proves that alcohol and dentistry should never mix!

P. Sherman – Finding Nemo

Who can forget P. Sherman of Wallaby Way in Sydney? The famous dentist in Finding Nemo has an aquarium of fish on display in his office, which is the setting for many of Nemo’s adventures. Now, while Nemo plans to escape, there’s no need to run from our dental office! We promise to make your experience at the dentist’s much more comfortable than Nemo’s was!

Dr. Bender – The Fairly Oddparents

Dr. Bender is portrayed as an evil dentist on The Fairly Oddparents, mocking Timmy Turner for his inferior teeth while showing off his own son’s perfect teeth.

Unlike Dr. Bender, at Desired Smiles, we would never mock your teeth! We’re here to make you feel as comfortable as possible and help you achieve your desired smile!

Councilman Jamm – Parks and Recreation

Jeremy Jamm is an orthodontist in the town of Pawnee, Indiana in Parks and Recreation. Acting as Leslie Knope’s adversary, Jamm’s main goals are to thwart Leslie’s latest town initiative and to make more money from his orthodontist practice by partnering with Sweetums, the town’s candy company.

Councilman Jamm is the worst. Dental health is not about making money from people in unethical ways! At Desired Smiles we have financing options to make it easier for you to pay for your dental procedures.

Tim Whatley – Seinfeld

One of Elaine’s brief romances, Tim Whatley, is a dentist who converts from Christianity to Judaism in an episode of Seinfeld. Jerry suspects that he did so for the jokes, which offends him as a comedian. Tim then takes offense to a joke Jerry had told and purposely prolongs a painful dental procedure for Jerry as a result.

This would never happen in our office! We believe that being professional and friendly with our patients is the key to successful dentistry!

Are we missing anyone? Can you name a fictional dentist who isn’t a villain? Let us know in the comments below!



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