How to Get Your Child Ready for Their First Dentist Appointment

You and your child are both nervous because that time has come, it’s time for your child’s very first visit to the dentist. There are several ways of making the trip go smoothly for both you and your child.

Start Young

The younger a child is before they’re exposed to new experiences, the easier it will be for them to adjust.

Keep it Simple

Don’t try to overcomplicate your first dentist trip with your child. Explaining too much in depth can lead to more questions and potentially cause fear in your child. It’s easier to tell your child that they’re going to get their teeth cleaned than try to tiptoe around what happens when they get a cavity.

Let their dentist explain what will happen. Dental professionals know the language to use when talking to children about their teeth, cavities, and things that may cause them pain.

Use Play to Teach

Kids learn a lot from play, like how to handle new experiences. Teach them about going to the dentist by playing dentist with them. You can have them come into a make believe waiting room, then both make your way to the washroom to brush your teeth together. Activities like this help bring familiarity to a dentist visit with your child.

Avoid Bribery

Luring children to the dentist with sugary treats is not only counter-productive, it will make it difficult for them to form good hygiene habits or even want to go to the dentist later in life.

Instead, set an example for your children. If you’re excited to go to the dentist, they will be too.

Emphasize the Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

By emphasizing good habits you can help your children prevent cavities, keep their teeth clean, and avoid unnecessary pain when visiting the dentist! Teach your child independence and make them proud of their smiles.

Address Your Own Feelings

You don’t want to pass on your own phobia of the dentist to your kids. If you tend to get nervous going to the dentist, you can read our tips to calming down before a visit. You may have to embrace a positive attitude, despite your unease for your child’s sake.

A smile is contagious, so pass yours on to your child when you visit the dentist!

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