Creating a Confident Smile

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 50% of people claim a smile is the first feature they notice about another person. A confident smile could set you apart and make you a more confident person overall!

But what are the steps to creating a confident smile?

It’s difficult to have a confident smile if you’re not proud of your teeth. Here are some tips to get a confident smile.

Healthy Habits

Brush away your self-consciousness. Literally! Keep up with brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Practicing good oral hygiene is the first step in getting a smile that you’re proud of. It won’t only keep you healthy, it will keep you confident and smiling too!

Whitening Wisdom

Whiter teeth mean a more confident smile and a more noticeable one too! There are many whitening options you can try, but speak to your dentist before you do. Your dentist will help you choose the best option for you!

Straight to the Point

Is your confidence lacking because your teeth are just a bit too crooked? You can straighten your teeth out with braces! Worried those are counterproductive in having a confident smile? Wrong again! You have options besides traditional braces, such as Invisalign.

Smile More!

The first step in getting a confident smile is actually smiling! Smiling doesn’t only appear to make you happier, it does make you happier! So show off those teeth and smile more!


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