Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

Don’t worry; going to the dentist is actually a very common phobia. Many people don’t know where the fear originates, but many feel anxiety about ridicule from the dentist or something else. In some extreme cases, this fear prevents people from receiving proper treatment for their teeth and gums.

Overcoming the Fear

As avoiding proper dental care can result in serious complications, it is best to face your fears to stay in good health. The first step to accomplishing this is finding a dentist that’s right for you. Having a positive relationship with your dentist can do wonders to relieve your fear. Find someone who you get along with, that you trust, and that can put your fears at ease. If you feel comfortable enough telling your dentist about your phobia, they can work with you to make you feel at comfortable.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable around your dentist, the lack of relationship can is exacerbate your fears. Do your research and find someone you trust.

How to De-stress Before Your Visit

So you’ve found the perfect dentist, but you’re still nervous? That’s understandable, but there are ways you can deal with your anxiety. Here are some tips to calm you down before your visit.

Think Positive!

When facing a phobia, a positive thinking manta may seem unattainable. That’s your negativity speaking! When you enter a situation with a positive outlook, it’s easier to handle the fear or anxiety you may feel. Besides, your dentist is there to help, not hurt. So smile! Your experience won’t be as negative if you, yourself, aren’t as negative.

Bring a Friend with You

A relaxed attitude is contagious. Bring a friend who makes you feel comfortable and takes you mind off of your fear.

Listen to Relaxing Music

Do you have that one playlist that just makes you feel good no matter where you are? Why aren’t you already listening to it in your dentist’s waiting room?


When you’re stressed out, you can forget to breathe which adds to your stress. Put those yoga breathing techniques to good use and remember to breathe smoothly. You’ll feel calmer in seconds.

Things to Remember

At the end of the day, your dentist is not a cartoon villain. Your dentist wants what is best for you and wants to make your experience a positive one.

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