5 Ways Over-Brushing Hurts More Than it Helps

Can’t I just brush my teeth continuously for 10 minutes each day instead of the recommended 2 minutes in order to achieve a bright white smile? That way I can drink all the coffee, red wine, and pop I want. Those drinks can’t stain my teeth if I’m constantly whitening by brushing longer.

This thought process is largely misguided. Unfortunately, you can’t just maintain a white smile by constantly brushing your teeth. In fact, brushing your teeth too much can lead to greater damage, or at the very least, won’t help you out as much as you would like it to.

Enamel Erosion

By constantly brushing, you are removing the protective layer of your teeth. This protects inner portions of the teeth from daily use. When enamel wears away, the inner portions of teeth are exposed and you become more prone to sensitive teeth in those areas.

Gum Damage

Gum damage is often caused by over-brushing. When you brush too often or with too much force, gums begin to recede. They do this because over-brushing damages the soft gum tissue, causing it to become irritated and pull away from the tooth.

Sensitive Teeth

As we mentioned before, enamel destruction leads to sensitive teeth, but this isn’t the only cause. By over-brushing, you are exposing dentin, the portion of your tooth covered by enamel. Dentin leads to nerve damage.

You Aren’t Actually Removing Extra Plaque

Plaque is soft and surprisingly easy to remove, as long as it isn’t in a hard to reach place. Brushing too often or too hard will not remove it. Make better use of your brushing time by making sure you reach all your teeth and spend extra time flossing as well.

Your Teeth Won’t Be Whiter

You can brush all day and all night, your teeth won’t get any whiter. Stains get lodged deep in the enamel, which is why they’re so difficult to remove.

Achieving a Clean, White Smile

The best way to achieve a clean and bright smile is not to over-brush your teeth, but to come in to Desired Smiles to find out about your teeth whitening options.

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