Orthodontics – great smiles aren’t just for kids!

If you’ve always wanted a straighter set of teeth and a brighter smile, it’s never too late for orthodontics – no matter how old you are. More and more adults are straightening their teeth, becoming more self-confident about how they look, and even improving their oral health by ensuring proper alignment.

Not every family has the means to pay for children’s braces – especially if there are several kids who need them. So there are adults out there who never had the opportunity to get braces as kids. But these days, we’re seeing a lot more adults coming in – both with their kids and on their own – to improve their smiles now that they have the budget to do it. Straighter teeth are a great opportunity to look better, feel better, and to be able to smile, talk and laugh with confidence.

Lots of options.
You don’t have to wear “train tracks” if you don’t want to. We still use them, but there are other options that are less obvious, and may work better with your needs and lifestyle. We offer clear brackets, which are like regular braces, just less visible. And there’s also Invisalign, a popular straightening system that’s completely invisible. Using graduated appliances that slowly shift your teeth into the right position, Invisalign improves your smile – and nobody even has to know you’re wearing it!

Talk to your dentist.
Thinking about braces? Find a dentist or orthodontist who can help you get the outcome you want, using a straightening option you can live with. You won’t be sorry – I’ve never met anyone who regretted having straighter, better-looking teeth.

It’s never too late to look great!

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