Word of mouth – the best way to find the best dentist

When you’re looking for a great hairdresser or a daycare provider or contractor, chances are, you don’t base your decision on advertising or a slick website; you ask people you trust for their recommendations. There’s no better way to find what you need than by going to a professional who has already built a strong relationship with one of your friends.

The same goes for finding a great dentist. Talking to your circle of friends is a great way to find great services. Now imagine that circle has millions of people in it; the internet is a treasure trove of reviews and resources that can help you find a dentist that will be just the right fit with your needs.

The biggest social media rating site for dentists is Like TripAdvisor for medical professionals, it lets you look up any dentist or doctor, search by location, by review score and more. Patients rate the dentist on a scale from 1 to 5, and leave comments and testimonials about their experiences. For dentists who are truly service-oriented and care about their patients, this is the best way to advertise. I love this site – it helps consumers make informed decisions, and allows them to differentiate between smart marketing and actual service.

More and more people are using these types of sites to make decisions. It’s an approach that allows them to become smarter consumers, and permits the best, most caring professionals to organically rise to the top of the list, perpetuating quality in a natural way.

My own website is there to provide information to people who need it, and it’s professionally designed because it needs to be a reflection of my own professionalism. However, it offers very little of value to anyone searching for a dentist. I can go on and on about how caring my team is and what great service we provide, but that’s all meaningless without patients who back up those claims. And that’s what RateMDs is all about.

Patients come to our clinic not because we have a nice site or fancy brochures. They come to us because other people trust us. In fact, we’ve been rated #1 in Ontario and #2 in Canada on RateMDs – a status we’re incredibly proud of, because it truly reflects the care and effort we put into every patient transaction.

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What Do Our Patients Say About Us?

Testimonials have become an invaluable resource for decision making. From travel (Trip Advisor) to healthcare (Rate Md) , we want to know other people’s experience.

The most valuable testimonials are from Verified People and managed by Trusted Third Party Groups.

In dentistry you can discover what verified patients experience on:

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