Taking the stress out of your visit: sedation options for everyone

Getting stressed about visiting the dentist is common. Anxiety is something many patients face, and dental practices like Desired Smiles have addressed those fears by offering a calm atmosphere, warm, understanding staff, and a variety of sedation options (or “sleep dentistry”) to reduce your anxiety and provide an experience where you’re relaxed and comfortable.

If you’re a nervous patient, don’t worry. You have options. From nitrous oxide for mild anxiety to general anesthetic for true dental phobias, we will sit down with you and determine what you need to comfortably get through your appointment. Sedation can accompany any procedure, from cleanings and fillings to root canals and cosmetic work.

Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) is great in situations where you need a little help getting your nerves under control. Basically, it relaxes you and reduces anxiety – you’ll still be completely aware, but you won’t feel as anxious.

Nitrous plus anti-anxiety medication is the next step up. If nitrous oxide alone isn’t quite enough, we will prescribe anti-anxiety pills to take before your appointment. You’ll still be awake, just very relaxed.

Intravenous sedation, also known as “twilight sleep,” is used for moderate to severe anxiety. It’s generally used for complicated extractions (like wisdom teeth). You’re unlikely to remember the procedure, and will need to have someone there to drive you home.

General anaesthesia is the same thing you’d get in a hospital if you’re having surgery. This is for patients with severe anxiety.

We also offer safe, mild sedation options for children; if your child has anxiety about dental visits, we can talk to you about possible approaches that will enhance comfort and reduce stress for everyone involved.

Want to talk about sedation options for yourself or a member of your family? We’d be happy to answer your questions. Get in touch anytime at 905 637-5463 (KIND) or at

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