A whiter shade of smile

Keep your teeth looking bright with these tips

One of the first thing people notice about movie stars are their smiles. They’re white, bright – and invariably dazzling. The stars know the benefits of whiter teeth; they make you look healthier, younger and more attractive, even if you’re not a Hollywood A-lister. Movie star smiles aren’t just for the rich and famous – not if you follow these basic tips for keeping teeth looking beautiful.

Tip #1: Brush and floss at least twice a day. Be religious about it. And make sure you visit your dentist for regular cleanings to keep staining at bay.

Tip #2: Avoid foods that stain. Take a look at the inside of a white coffee or tea cup after you’ve finished your morning beverage – do you see those stains on the china? They’re ending up on your teeth as well. The worst staining culprits are foods and beverages with intense colour (like red wine or blueberry pie), tannins (black tea, red wine again) and anything that’s acidic (cola, sports drinks and yes, wine). Some acidic drinks and foods may not look like they would stain, but because they soften enamel, they leave teeth more open to stains from other foods.

Tip #3: Use anti-stain strategies. So you’re probably not doing to give up your morning coffee or that glass of wine with dinner. But even if you don’t, you can minimize their effects with a couple of little strategies.
• Swish. Anytime you have something that might stain, take a sip of water and swish it around your mouth. It’s not a replacement for brushing, but it can help.
• Use a straw. It’s a great way to get a staining beverage to bypass your teeth.
• Eat an apple. This crunchy treat cleans your teeth when you can’t brush. Popcorn is another great option.
• Brush after eating. Have we mentioned this one already?

Tip #4: Use a whitening toothpaste. Though the ingredients in these toothpastes aren’t nearly as strong as those in a whitening program from your dentist’s office, they can definitely make a difference in minimizing the stains on your teeth.

Tip #5: Explore your whitening options. If your teeth are already stained, you’ve got some great options for bringing back the white. We’ve listed them in order of effectiveness (and, not coincidentally, price).
• In-office whitening. The in-office whitening options available from your dentist can make a dramatic difference in a single visit. It’s the most expensive whitening treatment, but it’s also the fastest and most effective.
• At-home whitening. More time consuming than in-office whitening, this more affordable option is a customized kit that you use every day for a certain number of weeks.
• Whitening strips. Cheap and readily available at any pharmacy, strips are great if you just want to lighten up a little bit.

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