What’s stopping you from having the smile you want?

You’ve always wanted straighter teeth. You’ve been meaning to fix that chipped front tooth. You dream about having a whiter, more attractive smile. So what’s keeping you from having the great-looking teeth you deserve? People find all kinds of reasons to NOT improve their smile – and let me tell you, I’ve heard them all. But those same people are often surprised to hear how easy it can be to overcome those reasons. With a dentist who has your needs in mind, getting that great smile is closer than you think.

Barrier #1: “I don’t have time.”

We all have busy lives, and between work and kids and everything else we have on our plates, multiple visits to the dentist can seem like an impossibility. But did you know that a smile transformation can be often achieved in one or two longer visits? Find a dentist who can work around your schedule (many have extended hours with weekend availability), and ask about doing more in fewer appointments. At our office, we offer sedation options that allow us to do additional work within an extended appointment time – without putting undue stress on the patient.

Barrier #2: “I’m scared.”

This is a big one. Dental anxiety (often stemming from a negative dental experience in the past) keeps a lot of people out of the dentist chair, and far away from the smile of their dreams. These days, however, most dentists recognize that that fear is real, so we have LOTS of options to help ease anxiety and provide a pain-free experience. The latest technologies can virtually eliminate pain. We have highly effective anaesthetics, pharmaceuticals that reduce any post-procedure pain and inflammation, and a variety of sedation options to reduce anxiety, including nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), nitrous oxide plus anti-anxiety meds, intravenous sedation, and even general anaesthesia. Many dentists offer sedation for any dental procedure, from cleanings and fillings to root canals, bridges and crowns. The key is to find a dentist who understands your concerns and is willing to accommodate them.

Barrier #3: “I can’t afford it.”

Good dentistry isn’t cheap – we readily admit that. But improving your smile provides tremendous value; looking better makes people see you differently, take you more seriously, and even (and studies actually show this) consider you smarter and more capable.

So even big-budget items like orthodontics or veneers can feel more affordable if you approach them as an investment in your future. Plus, there are lots of options that can help paying for that smile more manageable. Your dentist can help you figure out options that keep you within your comfort zone, and offer you a plan for a good outcome that works with what you can afford.

You may be able to pay for the work in instalments, or you can go with third-party financing. At our office, we partner with HealthSmart Financial. They offer flexible 0% financing for most procedures, even those not covered by dental plans.

Barrier #4: “I live too far away.”

So you’ve found a dentist who meets all of your criteria, but he or she isn’t located in your city. That’s not as big a problem as you might think. For one, you can reduce travel time by getting more done in fewer appointments (see Barrier #1). But you also have plenty of great technology at your disposal to reduce visits even further. For example, at our office, our out-of-town patients often opt for phone or Skype consultations where they email us digital photos of their teeth, and we talk with them about their goals and our approach. Then, once they do come in for a visit, we can go right into treatment so they don’t have to make multiple visits.

There are many ways to overcome barriers to a beautiful smile. The key is to find a dentist who truly understands your challenges and is willing to collaborate with you to find solutions that work.

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