3 Ways to Combat Dental Anxiety

March 4, 2019

Not everyone is thrilled about attending their dental appointments. Fears can fester inside people who are anxious about certain dental procedures, potential pain and unknown dental problems that may arise at a check-up. Some avoid the dentist completely due to anxieties that become too overwhelming to handle. Below we will outline three techniques to help you combat your dental anxieties.

Seek Out A Dentist Who Cares

Not all dental practices are created equal. Before deciding on a dentist do you background research; find out if the practice will be aware of, and caring towards your anxieties. You want to find a practice that will be sensitive toward your fears and take time to make you comfortable. One that doesn’t have a client centric approach, will not be a good fit for you as a patient.

Ask Questions

Now that you’ve found a dentist you are comfortable with, ask questions and discuss the procedures that you need to have done. Have the dentist explain your options, and walk you through the procedures that will take place. Doing so, will provide you with added comfort – the more you know about how the procedure will work, the less scary it becomes.

Sleep Dentistry

If you are still having a tough time wrapping your head around going to the dentist, sleep dentistry may be the best option for you. There is many sedation options available including: nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, IV sedation and general anaesthesia. Depending on your treatment and your sensitivity you can pick the option that is best for you.

Rest easy, and anxiety free while your procedures are taking place. Allowing you the peace of mind that you taking care of you dental health, despite the fear of doing so.


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